Afilias RDAP

This is a test implementation of RDAP (Registration Data Access Protocol) for .info domains managed by Afilias Inc.

RDAP is a proposed replacement for Whois that was developed by the WEIRDS working group of the IETF. It provides a access to information about registered domains and IP addresses, using a RESTful interface over HTTP that returns structured data, unlike the free-form data from Whois.

This implementation conforms to the following RFC specifications:
  RFC7480 HTTP Usage in the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP)
  RFC7481 Security Services for the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP)
  RFC7482 Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Query Format
  RFC7483 JSON Responses for the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP)

Support is provided for the following objects: domain, entity, nameserver.

Since Afilias is a Domain Name Registry (DNS) only, it does not support Regional Internet Registry (RIR) objects ip or autnum. Queries for such objects will return HTTP 501 Not Implemented.

Search is supported with some limitations.
1) Search for internationalized domains and nameservers is not supported and will return HTTP status 422 Unprocessable Entity.
2) Search for entities by name is restricted to Registrars only. Other Contacts can only be searched by handle.
3) A maximum of 50 names is returned. If there are more results, an entry of type "result set truncated" will be included in the notices. There is no way to continue the search for the next block of names.

The following built-in test cases can be used to test some of the more complex features. Embedded links in the output generally do not work since the handles in the links are from stored data and are not current.
  IDNs and Variants -
  Domain with Two Admin Contacts -

IDN (Internationalized Domain Names)
Domain and nameserver object names may be either ASCII or Unicode/UTF-8.
The following return the same result:ø-ø.info

Case Sensitivity
Domain, nameserver and entity object names are case insensitive.
Entity objects requested with the handle ID are case sensitive.

Media Type
The response Content-Type will be application/rdap+json if the HTTP Accept header includes application/rdap+json or application/json. Otherwise, the response Content-Type will be text/plain, and the output will be indented. This makes it easy to test and verify results using a browser.
Compare the following with a browser response.
  curl -H "Accept: application/rdap+json"

If a query is received for a domain or nameserver other than .info, it will not be redirected and HTTP status 422 Unprocessable Entity will be returned.

No authentication is required, only public data is provided. The data returned corresponds to the Afilias Whois server for .info at

For comparison with command line Whois, replace 'rdap' with 'whois' in the url, as in

Rate Lmiting
To avoid response failures due to rate limiting, there should be less than 10 requests per minute. This is not a guarantee to avoid rate limiting, as the limit is applied to the aggregate requests from the RDAP test server, not from the individual client. A rate limited request will be returned with HTTP status 429 Too Many Requests.

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